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File: 1626926559058.gif–(1.08MB, 600x339, delicious halal bread gif.gif)
Hey all, I've seen this video before but I don't know where to find it. I simply want to know if anybody has a file (or link) for the entire video that this clip comes from? Thanks for your time. (Also, I converted it to a really crappy GIF for convenience of just attaching it to the thread but if anyone needs the OG clip i can upload it to catbox or whatever)
¨ No.463
Found it. It's the video called "How To Be YOURSELF For Halloween". (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-klrSv9sydM)
She eats the cake thing near the end.
¨ No.464
Also, for reference, I just looked through all of the thumbnails on my archives, and tried to look for matching clothes, scenery, and hair.
¨ No.465
Thanks so much dude! I really appreciate it, I really thought it wasn't on that channel but I guess I'm just really unobservant or dumb or something. Much appreciated.
¨ No.466
1626952314022.jpg–(56.14KB, 765x640, 45bde8a0fd8471b492d1cfcb6d26cffc8efd5f5e4df9e22829)
Happy to help, friend.
While I'm here, does anyone know where this screenshot is from? I only have like three xylophone files and none of them are this one.

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