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File: 1610097889912.jpg–(83.51KB, 805x720, IMG_20210108_021804_894.jpg)
Whats your favorite video of /ourgirl/ hacing a nice metal? Is there any food you wanted her to try before she went away?
¨ No.343
> Is there any food you wanted her to try before she went away?
my... semen
¨ No.345
I liked some of the videos of her talking about her life, those were kinda entertaining. Just a shame that she did them with the ASMR whisper voice so you could barely understand her.
¨ No.347
if i'm honest, i mostly just enjoyed her "meta" type videos where she'd talk about her life and thoughts, she had some cute stories which i assume were real
¨ No.348
That's very true.
¨ No.363
GUYS. We missed Agatha's birthday this year. I totally forgot.
¨ No.364
When it was?
¨ No.367
It's in February, though....
¨ No.374
So, do we know the exact day of her birthday?

>inb4 it was last week
¨ No.375
I checked, her birthday's on the 22nd of February.
Thank goodness, I was worried we already passed it this year
¨ No.380
Happy birthday Agatha <3
¨ No.381
happy b-day aggie
¨ No.382
1614026563093.jpg–(7.18KB, 320x320, 150389560_804140460182284_4389413100510805229_n (1)
Happy birthday Aggy :D
¨ No.383
1614045765762.jpg–(77.83KB, 815x720, IMG_20210222_185711_762.jpg)
HB Agatha!!!
How old is she again?
¨ No.384
She's from 2000 so she's 21 today-
¨ No.394
Noooooo she's gonna start doing drugs and alcohol now
¨ No.395
Considering her piercings, excessive makeup, and severe SJWism, she's likely already consuming alchohol\sex
¨ No.397
1618636733881.jpg–(76.13KB, 782x720, IMG_20210416_231159_734.jpg)
¨ No.398
Today I had a dream that Agatha was choking me with her thighs.
¨ No.399
Also stepping on my face
¨ No.401
1619481271115.png–(640.03KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2021-04-26-17-47-53.png)
Was she eating something? Because this is the Agatha Eats© general.
¨ No.402
Well I was eating her feet
Is it counts?
¨ No.433
1622570864973.png–(502.90KB, 795x478, mochi.png)
¨ No.434
1622634652645.png–(138.15KB, 1680x698, Agutha is beauty meduka parody.png)
Agutha is beauty
¨ No.435
We should all do Agatha fanarts, it would be really cool.
¨ No.457
1625380952735.jpg–(95.41KB, 1265x720, IMG_20210702_174123_934.jpg)
>"anon, you got something in your eye, let me help you"

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