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File: 1603510961852.jpg–(189.52KB, 1033x1273, agaga.jpg)
we need to make a Baka Mitai video of Agatha, but instead of singing that song she should be saying something cute
maybe something like "i luv u, anon :3"
i'm not sure how to do it though
does anyone here know how to do it? is it easy?
¨ No.299
for those of you who do not know what i mean, here is an example
¨ No.303
Not a bad idea. I think people know that song as "dame dame".
Posting in >>274 might help.
¨ No.305
where the heck is everybody?
i hope people don't think this whole election thing is more important than sweet aggie
¨ No.310
This is my first post ever, found about Agatha not long algo, hope you guys post more pics, she cute.
¨ No.311
I've been here pretty frequently, but I have nothing new to add. Btw, if you're new, you might wanna get your hands on the giant 74gig archive of all of Agatha's stuff.
¨ No.312
¨ No.313
Thank you, amigo. Im watching some streams and ver voice is relaxing, cant explain.
¨ No.316
Thank you again, im enjoying her content.
¨ No.317
1607026992980.png–(687.94KB, 1003x878, 1505201782512.png)
Glad you enjoy it man. Happy to have another fan of hers.
¨ No.385
I loved the way she would put her hands on her cheeks when she was flustered or blushing.
¨ No.386
She's a cutie, we not gonna lie here.

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