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File: 1584837979030.jpg–(9.48KB, 248x250, 1584837136492s.jpg)
No.18 Stickied
Temple rebuilt edition

¨ No.43
1584848628814.jpg–(63.97KB, 350x350, _.jpg)
First for Agatha is God.
¨ No.107
what's the point of an agatha general on an agatha board?
¨ No.140
mostly just to show the resources we accumulated over the years
¨ No.145
So is agatha actually active on anything anymore?
¨ No.146
she pivatized her last tumblr last year after a bunch of 4 chan tards harrased her
¨ No.165
>banned from the discord
I think I visited it once on a whim and never again but okay...
¨ No.201
Where's the real archive? I heard this one (https://pastebin.com/Q7u8trfV) dosen't actually have everything in it.
¨ No.232
If you're still here... you were probably just kicked for inactivity. Try joining again.

That should be everything there is, or at least everything that's still available.
¨ No.236
i'm pretty sure the instagram archive is wrong. as in it doesn't actually have any instagram pictures in it
i think those are the tumblr images instead
¨ No.238
That may be. But I'd assume that the two accounts would've had some overlap in terms of posts, anyway.

If you have any leads on where the real IG images are, feel free to share it.
¨ No.240
Tried joining again an still banned it seems.
¨ No.241
¨ No.243
sorry but i have nothing
i remember she posted a closeup of her lips though
in the archives we have there aren't many pictures of her face at all
¨ No.244
Alright. Thanks anyway, and be sure to let us know if anything turns up.
¨ No.247
Uh not sure if I want to put my discord name on here.
¨ No.248
All I need is the name, not the full tag.
¨ No.255
I don't use Discord enough to know the difference but the name I used ends with machine if that help
¨ No.256
Alright, you should be able to join again.
¨ No.257
I'm in. Will try not to be inactive.
¨ No.301
man, I was in discord before and after she went down her channel on Twitch, the only thing I can confirm is that her discord is handled by some soulless atheists that she had as "mods" of her Twitch, the only women in which she had "h1ggley" who didn't even care about Agatha (because if she had cared about Agatha's mental health, she would have done something for her)
and there was another female administrator, but is same,just as apathetic.
The ones who spoke the most were the orbital atheist men posing as "friends" of hers, and then there was me, there with my clumsy English when writing and speaking, just looking at them.
The only person she had as an emotional and supportive anchor was her best friend, elle ...
I don't understand why she never managed to attract more female followers to her twitch ... she should have allowed only female mods and at best it would have been Christian girls ...
I realize that all her accounts are abandoned: she gave it to someone else her twitch, her account of discord is abandoned and only those disgusting sinful toxic men remain who did not serve as good influence ...
Agatha is or was very weak, very voluble influentiable, she dont had a strong character and it was too easy for mens to trust the internet, in that regard she was too naive like a child, I don't understand why..
Maybe she needed to have Christian friends, maybe her parents didn't pay her enough attention and advice on how to stay away from toxic men and overly liberal and atheistic women ...
I thought it was ok but I noticed that her old "bread and butterfly" tumblr stopped updating since November 2019 ...
and that's why I had doubts and had to look for her on any page to know how she was ...
and I can't believe it was destroyed like this, it looks destroyed from within ...
It only remains to pray for her,
everyone, if you ever had something sincere for agatha, please pray for her in the name of jesus christ, that god enlighten her with wisdom and get away from that life so horrible and cold and bitter future that awaits her due to living in sin, blinded by zionism Talmudic Judaism and what the sinful world offers her ...
May God habe mercy of her!!!
¨ No.304
women don't want a positive role model, they want to have e girls like belle whorefine as role models, and become trash just like them. this si the truth women love being trash
¨ No.314
"The prostitute wants other women to be whores like her" -butchered quote
¨ No.327
¨ No.396
wait a minute this chan has nothing to do with agartha

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