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File: 1584837979030.jpg–(9.48KB, 248x250, 1584837136492s.jpg)
No.18 Stickied  [Reply]
Temple rebuilt edition

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¨ No.314
"The prostitute wants other women to be whores like her" -butchered quote
¨ No.327
¨ No.396
wait a minute this chan has nothing to do with agartha

File: 1584831869550.png–(658.84KB, 3000x1870, zphgqo7u.png)
No.10 Stickied  [Reply]
no doxxing
no harassment
only wholesome content

Email: [email protected]

File: 1610097889912.jpg–(83.51KB, 805x720, IMG_20210108_021804_894.jpg)
No.342  [Reply]
Whats your favorite video of /ourgirl/ hacing a nice metal? Is there any food you wanted her to try before she went away?
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¨ No.394
Noooooo she's gonna start doing drugs and alcohol now
¨ No.395
Considering her piercings, excessive makeup, and severe SJWism, she's likely already consuming alchohol\sex
¨ No.397
1618636733881.jpg–(76.13KB, 782x720, IMG_20210416_231159_734.jpg)

File: 1609637638109.jpg–(56.69KB, 623x623, 1609482164712.jpg)
No.337  [Reply]
post your Aggie fakes or edits
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¨ No.377
¨ No.378
Thank you my good man


If there is an error in the link or something please let me know
¨ No.379
That's sick, thanks. Hope someone would do any more of these.

File: 1597195015231.jpg–(265.79KB, 760x1224, berfe.jpg)
No.208  [Reply]

pic related is before
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¨ No.233
How are you doing this? What program are you using?
I have some personal photos that I'd like to upscale, so please let me know.
¨ No.234
Topaz Gigapixel AI
here's the link for the site where i torrented it from
be sure to post any Aggie pictures if you have them :)
¨ No.387
Thank you.

File: 1615343398417.png–(445.48KB, 592x401, 1503559021603.png)
No.388  [Reply]
i feel like i should upload these somewhere to save these little pieces of history
also post aggie memes
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¨ No.391
1615456823247.jpg–(342.10KB, 1400x578, agatha psychopath.jpg)

¨ No.392
This might be a good time to mention Alef's work
Dude's made a lot of Agatha fanart, and I personally especially like his art style.
¨ No.393
1615568803534.png–(1.84MB, 1094x890, 499743_alef321_alpaca-girl-3.png)

File: 1603510961852.jpg–(189.52KB, 1033x1273, agaga.jpg)
No.298  [Reply]
we need to make a Baka Mitai video of Agatha, but instead of singing that song she should be saying something cute
maybe something like "i luv u, anon :3"
i'm not sure how to do it though
does anyone here know how to do it? is it easy?
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¨ No.317
1607026992980.png–(687.94KB, 1003x878, 1505201782512.png)
Glad you enjoy it man. Happy to have another fan of hers.
¨ No.385
I loved the way she would put her hands on her cheeks when she was flustered or blushing.
¨ No.386
She's a cutie, we not gonna lie here.

File: 1610661890069.png–(1.51MB, 1920x1080, !RaAAAAaGEs.png)
No.349  [Reply]
There's nothing here you haven't seen, however I thought it'd be cool to upload a collection of pics/webms.
There's some unrelated pics but fuck you, I can't be arsed fixing it.
[spoiler]if there's a better collection, please point me there[/spoiler]
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¨ No.370
Thank you guys. I'll combine it with my own stuff too.
¨ No.372
I wonder how much stuff is overlapped with the stuff from this post.
¨ No.373
Let me take a look

File: 1600729550057.png–(198.78KB, 640x299, teaser.png)
No.274  [Reply]
someone with a brain pls help
there is an AI program that can turn profile images of people into 3d models
the problem is there is no brainlet-accessible user interface to use
i want to turn these aggie photos 3d but i dont know how to
pls help
here's the link
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¨ No.283
wow anon thank you so much <3
sorry i don't know how to watch the video or anything and even if i did it is too hard i am retard
thank you for helping a retard today <3 thank you <3
¨ No.284
that is a normal map not a 3D model, dowload blender, and make a 3D model there
¨ No.290
1602000780219.png–(1.37MB, 1334x750, bg.png)
Here's a pic with a cleanish background.
Honestly it'd probably be better for a 3D artist to make us an Agatha model. Surely there's one 3D modeler who's a fan of her. Also, I'm pretty sure we could all just pool money together to commission a 3D artist

File: 1606551122443.png–(1.09MB, 960x960, CA.png)
No.315  [Reply]
Can you guys imagine chubby\fat Agatha? Would that make you like her more or less?
I personally think her being pudgy would be pretty cute, and she'd be really soft when you hugged her.
Also I've been trying to find the mythical chubby Aggy pics from her old streaming days for years now.
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¨ No.321
well i wasnt expecting that
i jumped like that was a jumpscare
¨ No.335
man we need a deepfake thread
**miss 8chan**
¨ No.336
i'll do just that, i don't have many but it'd be nice to have them in one spot

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