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File: 1584837979030.jpg–(9.48KB, 248x250, 1584837136492s.jpg)
No.18 Stickied  [Reply]
Temple rebuilt edition

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¨ No.314
"The prostitute wants other women to be whores like her" -butchered quote
¨ No.327
¨ No.396
wait a minute this chan has nothing to do with agartha

File: 1584831869550.png–(658.84KB, 3000x1870, zphgqo7u.png)
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no doxxing
no harassment
only wholesome content

Email: [email protected]

File: 1626926559058.gif–(1.08MB, 600x339, delicious halal bread gif.gif)
No.462  [Reply]
Hey all, I've seen this video before but I don't know where to find it. I simply want to know if anybody has a file (or link) for the entire video that this clip comes from? Thanks for your time. (Also, I converted it to a really crappy GIF for convenience of just attaching it to the thread but if anyone needs the OG clip i can upload it to catbox or whatever)
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¨ No.464
Also, for reference, I just looked through all of the thumbnails on my archives, and tried to look for matching clothes, scenery, and hair.
¨ No.465
Thanks so much dude! I really appreciate it, I really thought it wasn't on that channel but I guess I'm just really unobservant or dumb or something. Much appreciated.
¨ No.466
1626952314022.jpg–(56.14KB, 765x640, 45bde8a0fd8471b492d1cfcb6d26cffc8efd5f5e4df9e22829)
Happy to help, friend.
While I'm here, does anyone know where this screenshot is from? I only have like three xylophone files and none of them are this one.

File: 1619825778805.jpg–(53.22KB, 699x761, IMG_20200731_190558_105.jpg)
No.403  [Reply]
The cold winter night. I heard the knocking on the door. I closed my Europa Universals 4 game and got up.
She was standing there, behind the door, knowing I wouldn't dare to left it closed. I opened the door.
Agatha came in, with her regular appearance, so simple and beautiful in the same moment. Her hair was cuddling under her hat, and became a little messy when she got it off.
"How's life, Anon?" Asked she softly, with the same firm ASMR voice I've been hearing every evening for the last few months from my old laptop.
"It's... umm.. Okay?" Answered I. Agatha looked at me with kind of disgusted look. I know I'm not the charming one, but the reason she came here makes this fact the last thing I cared about at the moment.
After a minute-long silence I got my thoughts together and managed to say something. "The money... It's right here..." mumbled I silently.
"What?" Said Agatha, obviously mocking me. She probably realised my character, and her overwhelming superiority over me in our dialog.
"The money is there, Aggie..." Told I after taking a deep breath, and looked at her pitifully. She was smiling in the most mocking way she could.
"How did you call me?" She said, taking the money for her visit from the desk.
"Aggie.. Agatha."
"I heard that. I mean, you're too disgusting to call me that. I feel dirty hearing it." She replied, taking her coat and boots off. "Even the reason you invited me is making me sick. You better be happy I agreed to came forward. Even this $900.000 don't really overwhelm this disgust. It's probably all your life savings, right, Anon?"
"Y-yes..." I answered, lowering my eyes. That was really a result of working a few hard years saving every cent I could.
"And you wanted to spend it all to make me use you in such a low way?" She looked even more disgusted, but strangely happy. With her high and soft voice she said, "Then start by kissing my feet."
She already dropped off her boots, and got her leg up for me, while I was sitting in from of her on the chair. I smelled it, she probably was wearing those socks for a few days. "Right Anon, they're not the fresh ones. I thought I'd make you lick them, instead of cleaning it by myself." Agatha looked at my face, and right in my eyes. I remembered all the quiet girl from the streams, and realised, she wasn't quite like that. Agatha liked me being under her feet, licking it off after the long road.
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¨ No.454
1624736933204.jpg–(89.54KB, 675x768, za natto.jpg)
¨ No.458
I found a really good manga, it has a lot of stuff Id like to do with Agatha.
¨ No.461
Ok, let me watch this.

File: 1610097889912.jpg–(83.51KB, 805x720, IMG_20210108_021804_894.jpg)
No.342  [Reply]
Whats your favorite video of /ourgirl/ hacing a nice metal? Is there any food you wanted her to try before she went away?
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¨ No.434
1622634652645.png–(138.15KB, 1680x698, Agutha is beauty meduka parody.png)
Agutha is beauty
¨ No.435
We should all do Agatha fanarts, it would be really cool.
¨ No.457
1625380952735.jpg–(95.41KB, 1265x720, IMG_20210702_174123_934.jpg)
>"anon, you got something in your eye, let me help you"

File: 1609637638109.jpg–(56.69KB, 623x623, 1609482164712.jpg)
No.337  [Reply]
post your Aggie fakes or edits
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¨ No.447
anyone got any more?
¨ No.448
IIRC there were a couple more webms back in the 8chong threads, but I didnt save them.
¨ No.449
Also some other lookalike posts.

File: 1606551122443.png–(1.09MB, 960x960, CA.png)
No.315  [Reply]
Can you guys imagine chubby\fat Agatha? Would that make you like her more or less?
I personally think her being pudgy would be pretty cute, and she'd be really soft when you hugged her.
Also I've been trying to find the mythical chubby Aggy pics from her old streaming days for years now.
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¨ No.336
i'll do just that, i don't have many but it'd be nice to have them in one spot
¨ No.438
That’s morbidly obese agatha lol
¨ No.439
Good. I like em nice and plump

File: 1597195015231.jpg–(265.79KB, 760x1224, berfe.jpg)
No.208  [Reply]

pic related is before
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¨ No.387
Thank you.
¨ No.417
1620923848609.jpg–(390.11KB, 900x896, images-gigapixel.jpg)
Ummmm wtf, that's not good man
¨ No.418
what's not good, honnie bun

File: 1615343398417.png–(445.48KB, 592x401, 1503559021603.png)
No.388  [Reply]
i feel like i should upload these somewhere to save these little pieces of history
also post aggie memes
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¨ No.391
1615456823247.jpg–(342.10KB, 1400x578, agatha psychopath.jpg)

¨ No.392
This might be a good time to mention Alef's work
Dude's made a lot of Agatha fanart, and I personally especially like his art style.
¨ No.393
1615568803534.png–(1.84MB, 1094x890, 499743_alef321_alpaca-girl-3.png)

File: 1603510961852.jpg–(189.52KB, 1033x1273, agaga.jpg)
No.298  [Reply]
we need to make a Baka Mitai video of Agatha, but instead of singing that song she should be saying something cute
maybe something like "i luv u, anon :3"
i'm not sure how to do it though
does anyone here know how to do it? is it easy?
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¨ No.317
1607026992980.png–(687.94KB, 1003x878, 1505201782512.png)
Glad you enjoy it man. Happy to have another fan of hers.
¨ No.385
I loved the way she would put her hands on her cheeks when she was flustered or blushing.
¨ No.386
She's a cutie, we not gonna lie here.

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